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About Us

Our approach is focused on developing a relationship that fosters open dialogue and finding solutions that work for you. As experienced clinicians, we strive to offer hope and guidance even in the most complicated situations.

Therapy Session
Therapy Session

Experience has shown us that our clients often don’t fit into one particular diagnostic category. At Dr. Lisa Cheyette and Associates we strive to bring your family together, working as a team to understand the problems you are facing. With all of your concerns, we are able to provide direction that will get you back on the right path. Whether helping a youngster struggling with social adjustment problems in school, a family going through a divorce, or parents who are desperate to find a suitable program that will benefit their child, our approach is simple, straightforward, and understandable.

Let’s face it –
a one-size-fits-all approach
won’t work for everyone.

Our team specializes in a highly individualized approach to therapy. We think outside the box. Typical office sessions are not always the most effective way to promote change; therefore, we offer a variety of non-traditional services including home and school visits. Interacting in these settings provides us with unique opportunities to make changes within the child’s natural environments.