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Therapeutic and Educational Consulting

Dr. Lisa Cheyette practices with the team of dedicated professionals at One Oak Therapeutic Consulting.


Dr. Cheyette of One Oak Therapeutic Consulting is focused on finding a suitable program or school to take children, teens and young adults in the right direction.

As a Therapeutic and Educational Consultant, Dr. Cheyette brings her consulting and placement expertise to families nationally and internationally. Her expertise in clinical psychology and consulting allows Dr. Cheyette to evaluate both the client and various available programs to come up with the most appropriate solution for your situation.

Dr. Cheyette provides much more than an advisory service. Her specialized consultation services are designed for children, teens and young adults. Dr. Cheyette provides each client an in-depth consultation to identify specific needs, challenges, and requirements. To entirely grasp the situation, this consultation includes an interview with the client and parents, a detailed review of relevant developmental history, professional consultation with key healthcare providers, and a review of available academic and psychological records.


From local programs to therapeutic boarding schools.

Throughout the year, Dr Cheyette visits schools and programs across the country and internationally. This allows her to accumulate first-hand knowledge and experience the approach of the facilities. She talks with clients, tours the facility or campus, and meets with clinicians, administrators, teachers and staff to learn as much as possible about the program or school..

Combining her expertise as a clinical psychologist and her first-hand knowledge of qualified schools and programs, Dr. Cheyette works with each family to select the school or program that best fits your child, teen, or young adult.